Saturday, December 29, 2007

Stay tuned as we hope to post our travels through Italy on a simi daily basis.

Christmas 2007 Ski trip

Took everyone skiing for the day at Rib Mountain in Wausau WI.

Mike Jr, cutting up the hill

John Snowboarding

John & Stef with Frosty

56 and still going strong

Christmas 2007

Well, Christmas 2007 has come and gone. John and Mike were the only ones able to make it up this year. John was in town for a week with Stefanie. Mike came alone, but with news that he and Lindsay are getting married in the summer of 2008, no firm date yet. That make two since Dominic and Rachel announced their engagement on Dec. 8th. We are happy for our boys and welcome Rachel & Lindsay into our family. Hope your Christmas was good and that 2008 brings happiness.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Phoenix trip

Well, we are not sure if we are doing this BLOG stuff correctly, so I'll keep this short. 12/19/07, just got back from Phoenix. Here are a couple of pic's.