Thursday, January 24, 2008


This week we went to Venice for our 36th Wedding Anniversary. Yes, 36 years ago today, two young kids set off with three hundred bucks to their name. It must of been love, as we are still going strong. We had a great time in Venice, stayed in a restored Hotel / Palace that dated back to the 1700's. We found a small ristorante that served us a meraviglioso meal. The Gilato was flowing freely as Michelle said I had eight, but who’s counting.

Overview of the History of Venice
For nearly 1400 years, the two or three miles of shallow water separating Venice from mainland Italy, had not only protected Venice from invaders but effectively isolated the Venetians from the Italian political life.
Untouched by the papalist and imperialist warfare, feudalism and territorial squabbles; they fixed there attention towards the East and the rich markets of the Levantine and Constantinople. And so began the great mercantile empire of the Venetian Republic.
A city built from fear, was soon to be heralded as the most dazzlingly beautiful city in the world. While the Florentines were regarded as great thinkers, the Venetians should be regarded as great doer's. For they alone conquered the malaria-ridden swamps to build a city from nothing.

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kathy said...

Love the pic of Michelle. Looks like she is enjoying herself. Good girl!!